Creativity Intervenes

Miranda Heppler, M2, Class of 2022

Lounging through the midday once again

Clouds looming, window ajar, my mind’s unable to attend

To the task at hand: commitment to learning; endless memorization

I wish I could exude more dedication to attaining this vocation

With tea gone cold just an arm’s length away

I lament there are not enough hours in today

Procrastination has overwhelmed me with its power

As I lie among my sheets whiling away the hour

When test day is nigh upon me

I cannot summon the will to study

Instead, I sit idly by

Dreaming up this rhyme; gazing at the clouded sky

The thunder comes pounding with the rain

If only I could organize the contents of my brain

Motivation, come to me! Oh, spark my desire

That I might learn something new; find a way to inspire

A thought, a path, a way to escape

Lest my years of diligence fail, and I must remediate

Netflix beckons, distractions abound

How are there so many obstacles to get around?

Laptop open, notes surround

But inclination cannot be found

Trudging through anatomy, pathology, and unyielding pharmacology

Stymied, unsuccessful I repine my fate as dawn comes quickly

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