QeeQee Gao, M2, Class of 2022

As the end of my first year draws near and the sweet taste of summer looms ahead, I am anticipating a confrontation that I have been pushing away for months. For the majority of my first year, I have been battling with a creeping sensation of … nothingness: a null that which I had hoped was joy, an emptiness that which I had hoped was fulfillment, and a void that which I had hoped was curiosity.

Am I happy? Am I enjoying? Am I fulfilled?




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A Sound Mind

A Sound Mind
Zach Duarte, M1, Class of 2022
II Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

I remember vividly the moment I decided to become a physician. “Why me God?” I cried out into my pillow as my brother was taken to yet another mental institution. Another holiday ruined. Another cold Thanksgiving turkey. Nothing quite haunts me like the sunken eyes of my mother, looking for answers, and finding none. I cried. Continue reading “A Sound Mind”

Muy Valiente

Muy Valiente

Allison Briggs, M4, Class of 2019

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.” The words read on Sunday came floating back into my mind as I wiped the dried blood off my 10-year-old patient’s foot, ankle, and shin. Her earlier crying had quieted to the occasional sob, and she was laying back on the emergency room gurney. Ten new stitches sat in a row underneath her knee, holding together her cut from the playground. I peeked a glance when I knew she was looking away, unable to stop checking that everything was in place.

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A Friend

A Friend

Justin Coogle, M4, Class of 2019

Justin Coogle is a published writer of the Kingdom Come series.

1 year before the events of Kingdom Come

I MISS MY old school, this new one is too lonely. No one is interested in being friends with me here, it’s probably because I came in late. I used to try to sit with a group of other boys during lunch, but they kept ignoring me. My teacher is really nice, her name is Miss Flora. She says that she is a master gardener and that we are her valuable flowers. I don’t like being called a flower. Flowers get stepped on a lot. The bell is about to ring for recess and my hands are sweaty. I can’t say I want to use the bathroom this time, I just went a few minutes ago. Maybe if I said I was sick? But I don’t look real sick, and I don’t want Miss Flora to think I am a liar. I really don’t want to go to recess. There is no where I can hide from them.

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